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While you may feel like working toward your goals is impossible, it's all about a shift in perspective. Lifestyle Amplified wants to help you get the most out of every day with professional coaching services. Since 2010, Tamara, has been working with clients to help them overcome obstacles in their relationships, personal lives and workplaces. She will give you the tools you need to cope with and handle the challenges life throws your way.

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3 reasons to work with a coach

Everyone can benefit from a coach, whether you're a single professional or a mother of three children. Consider working with a coach because...


You'll learn how to better communicate with your partner, friends and colleagues.


You'll have a support system to guide you as you work toward your goals.


You'll work with a professional who can help you process and navigate difficult circumstances.

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What is the Tribe Talk Show?

Tamara has partnered with two strong, ambitious women to bring the Tribe Talk Show into your home. We offer advice and unique perspectives through our episodes to inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Be sure to check it out on Youtube ASAP.