If you can change your surroundings to better serve you, than what are you waiting for?

Good Morning!!! I don't know about you, but I am still nowhere near feeling like I have adjusted to this new way of living, and when I am feeling frustrated, I like to "move stuff". Not just a vase or a plant. No no no, I move furniture, I swap out rooms in my home. LOL. Like a mad woman!

I have the privilege of having my 87yo Mother In Law staying with us at this time. We originally had a spare bedroom set up down stairs in the back. But every time she would go down the steps all I could think was "God forbid this woman falls" So yesterday in my frustration of not being out of this house other than food shopping, I decided to "move stuff".

Picture this.... Moved my desk, chair, computer, printer, studio equipment, white boards and whatever else you can think of you put in your spare/computer room. Moved my daughter's full size bed into the now vacant computer room, moved the queen bed up to my daughter's room (she has more space for it) and then moved my entire office downstairs. All I can say is Mom was overjoyed, I felt like I finally did something constructive since being home and my husband still thinks I am crazy.

Point of the story, if you can change something, go for it!!!!!!

Love to you all.